SimpleODS 0.5.3 - A lightweight Java 1.3 library to create simple OpenDocument spreadsheet files 06.08.2013

Welcome to SimpleODS.

SimpleODS is an easy to use library to create OpenDocument spreadsheet files under Java 1.3 and above, without any further dependencies.
As the name already says, SimpleODS is only able to create simple spreadsheets, if you need a full package of  OpenDocument APIs, you might want to check ODFDOM.

With SimpleODS you are able to create new files, add tables and some text,number or currency content and set some styles like table background color,fontsize and
page style.

For examples how to create a new file and add some data, see this files.
The example will create an OpenOffice spreadsheet file that looks like:
Result of

See also the Javadoc as a reference and the History document for the changes within the versions.
The resulting file was tested by using LibreOffice Version  under Xubuntu 12.04.

Have fun!

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